Market Segment Focus
• Mission Critical
 •  Data Centers
 •  Call Centers
 •  Nework Operation Centers
 •  Collocation Facilities
 •  Hosting Facilities
 •  Broadcast Operation Centers
• Telecommunication
 •  Point of Presence Facilities
 •  Switching Facilities
 •  Cellular Sites
• Financial Institutions
•  Banking
 •  Trading Floors
 •  Operation Centers
• Corporate Office
• Healthcare & Labs



Galligan, Ryan & Associates Services
Core Values
Passion For what we do
Quality In every aspect, from materials, to personal service
Integrity Our porfolio speaks for itself
Innovation Breaking the molds, and setting new standards
To build an organization that is rewarding to its employees and clients, both in experience and intelect.
To build, develop, and maintain lasting business relationships with our loyal clientelle.




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