Market Segment Focus
• Mission Critical
 •  Data Centers
 •  Call Centers
 •  Nework Operation Centers
 •  Collocation Facilities
 •  Hosting Facilities
 •  Broadcast Operation Centers
• Telecommunication
 •  Point of Presence Facilities
 •  Switching Facilities
 •  Cellular Sites
• Financial Institutions
•  Banking
 •  Trading Floors
 •  Operation Centers
• Corporate Office
• Healthcare & Labs


Galligan Ryan & Associates: Company Profile

Design • Pre-Construction • Construction • Maintenance • Mission Critical

In Our Own Words

Galligan Ryan & Associates is a forward thinking builder and construction manager focusing on clients with specialized, highly technical needs.  Over the last 10 years, we have been exceeding expectations in commercial and mission critical markets.  Our clients have challenged us with Call Centers, Data Centers, Telecom, Healthcare, Entertainment, and other specialized projects that have a focused impact on our clients’ business strategy.

We have developed a unique fast track delivery method in order to answer our clients’ need for an accelerated schedule without compromising product quality.  We have learned that an increased focus on preconstruction services and a collaborative team approach to design and construction are the vehicle for consistent, predictable success in the ever-changing arena of 24 X 7 mission critical work.

Galligan Ryan & Associates is a comprehensive construction, design/assist, and consulting services organization combined into one holistic entity.   Unlike fragmented, over-sized bureaucracies, our teams assigned to a project are involved on a personal level, allowing them the focus necessary to create solutions to the unique challenges of each project.  We understand that each project is a singular challenge, and strive first to understand the uniqueness, and then streamline the solutions.  This approach has given us a consistently successful track record in this high-tech environment




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